Last chances

I think every gardener has some plants that, no matter what, they fail to grow, over and over again. I grow quite a few plants pretty successfully, and some other plants really well.

But here is a list of plants that have just one last chance with me:

  • Cucumbers – every variety: I have never grown a single cucumber. Not one. This year I am trying Crystal Apple and Marketmore (again). My Mother is the queen of cucumbers (if such a title exists) and I am the Court Jester.
  • San Marzano and Pineapple tomatoes: this is the last year I am trying these heirloom varieties. After this, I quit. I will grow other varieties and be happy.
  • Lakota pumpkins: I grow pumpkins so well, except for this fussy variety, of which I have grown exactly one. As in, one single tiny pumpkin. I am trying again this year, and if I fail, that is it. Space is at a premium in my garden, and I have no room for space-hogging failures.
  • Borlotti beans: Time and time again, I have attempted to grow these delicious beans. I usually end up with a single handful. I think this year I will not even bother.
  • Melons – every variety: Why are melons so hard? I have never successfully grown a watermelon, rockmelon, or honeydew. I am going to try one more time this year to grow watermelons, but if these cark it on me again, I am officially giving up the dream of homegrown melons. I don’t even know why it is a dream. Like cucumbers, I guess I have wanted to grow them because I cannot.

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