What’s been happening in my garden?

Probably, tons.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been out there to do anything or see anything much lately. I have had ongoing major deadlines and have been working most weekends. Sadly, my poor garden has been left to ramble on, unattended by me.

I have glanced out at it every now and then, and did spend a morning a few weeks ago clearing out the dying sweet peas (*sniff*) and laying some much needed mulch before the very hot weather hit. Aside from that, my husband has been keeping on top of the watering for me and I have been working.

I am hoping that over the Christmas break I can pay some attention to my poor neglected veggie patch and salvage what is left of the prime growing season of the year. I wanted lots of pumpkins this year; instead it is looking like I may end up with zip.

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