Gardening Jobs, Weekend 9-11 March 2019

A miracle happened today: I went to the Big Green Shed and only bought the item I intended to buy.

I know, I’m freaked out too.

The truth is, there is not much point buying new plants right now. The weather is still too unpredictable to plant anything, and the soil is too sad and depleted from the hottest Summer on record (it’s official, sadly). We still have not had a decent rainfall, and I am not sure when it will come. I looked at all the beautiful plants and thought: patience, my pet. I could see their future if I gave into temptation now and planted them in my dry and sad garden. So I bravely left them on the stands, and walked away, sad but resolute.

Also, I’m going to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show in three weeks and you know I will be blowing a wad of cash on bulbs, seeds and garden paraphernalia designed to attract the green thumbed and gullible. The Big Green Shed will still be there when I return, broke and happy.

So what did I do this weekend? Maintenance. Boring, necessary garden maintenance. Everything needed a feed, a weed, and a water, so that is what I did. No fun planting or buying, just the basic boring jobs that every gardener must do to keep the soil healthy and the garden looking decent mid-season until it is time to do the exciting stuff.

That is why I have no pictures: a broom and a pile of weeds just aren’t that interesting. I did discover some more of the amazing Kenternut pumpkins (from another vine), bringing the total to about six. I hope these hybrid pumpkins taste good, or I will have been watering and growing a bad pumpkin all Summer. I’ll do a taste test soon and let you know. Fingers crossed for deliciousness.

I also picked another pile of rhubarb, and another dozen or so passionfruit from the vine that just keeps on giving. I am going to make a passionfruit slice, a dessert that has fond childhood memories for me, and possibly a rhubarb and strawberry pie.

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